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"This is the backbone of any business, the clients's experience"

  • "By far one of the best training courses I have attended in my nine year career."

  • "This Training should be required for all Law Enforcement." 

  • "Experience & knowledge of the instructor." 

  • "The scenarios were very good." 

  • "Fresh perspective on interactions with the public during a time when Police-society relations are extremely strained. 

  • "Good techniques for on-street interaction." 

  • "This course was about the finer forgotten points, listening and what you say but how it's perceived. " 

  • "Personable Instructor, very easy to understand and it was a great course." 

  • "Real world applications, fast moving class and it was hands on."

  • "Great course, passionate instructor who believes in what he teaches, I would attend this course again."  

  • "Size of the class was too large, 160 students."

  • "Jay's enthusiasm and knowledge, great job & thank you."

  • 'Great course that is being delivered by a Cop!" 

Verbal De-Escalation - Security Training

Training Experience

Officer Safety Classes

Verbal De-Escalation

This dynamic and immediate action response class is designed to educate and empower. This course can be customized to train Law Enforcement, Military, Professional Security and School Educators.

Powerful Mindset Lectures

Warning Order, LLC supplements local police academies with dynamic courses and invaluable training experience such as:

  • (VDEC) Verbal De-Escalation

  • (PR'S)Physical Restraint System

  • Tactical Operations Planning

  • Traits of an Armed Suspect

  • Handcuffing and Searches

  • Edged Weapons Defense

  • Counter Terrorism Courses

  • Pre- Academy Training

  • Stress Management Course

  • Body Language

  • Managing an EDP

Officer Safety Courses

These proven effective safety courses are the staples of continued safety in the line of duty. Each class is designed to challenge the student mentally and physically.






1/8-1/12 USNSTA, National Conference Louisiana

1/15-1/18 Verbal De-Escalation Lake Charles, Louisiana

1/22-1/26- DT Instructor Course Salem County, NJ

1/29-1/31 Verbal De-Escalation Train the Trainer Gloucester Co,NJ 



3/7-3/9 Verbal De-Escalation Train the Trainer- Carteret PD

3/12-3/14 Verbal De-Escalation Train the Trainer-Morris Co, NJ


Our Training Day






Body Language & Pre- Indicators of Violence Course 

  • " This is a good program for all Law Enforcement Officers in any stage of their career." 

  • "Both Instructors are knowledgeable in the use and application of the principles that have been presented.  The videos are useful in learning to interpret the body signs."

  • "Phenomenal Instructors, highly relevant information."

  • "Great eye opener, all officers should attend this class."

  • "Good videos, instructors have mastery of subject."

  • "Should be given to beginning officers in the academy."

  • "This course helped pull out the key points we as officers see everyday and enables you to articulate them."

  • "I enjoyed that you brought attention to the subliminal messages offenders give to us everyday and how we should articulate them on our reports."

  • "Personality lent itself to the course, instructor knowledge and presence"

  • "The instructor made everything understandable and easy to absorb"

Tactical Operations Planning Course

  • " Instructor experience and enthusiasm was vital." 

  • "I wasn't over loaded with information, was all relevant to subject, did not stray off topic."

  • "Overall excellent presentation for any supervisor to attend in law enforcement."

  • "Good class for a supervisor, I would recommend sending my Detectives to this class." 

  • "Overall, this course was very interesting. Instructor was very prepared, qualified and made learning about tact planning easy to absorb."

  • "Attention to safety was outstanding."                                                  

 Speed Cuffing and Ground Fighting 

  • "Good course, great techniques, I believe the techniques I learned will help me in the field."

  • " We received very clear instruction, we accumulated positive muscle memory repetitions during this course."

  • "Awesome course, could of easily been a two day course instead of one."

  • "This officer safety course was etched in a realistic approach."

  • "Great course! Realistic and very fundamentally based."   

Traits of Armed Suspect Course

  • "The instructor was very knowledgeable and clear with basic principles in teaching this very powerful course." 

  • "Course was very informative" 

  • "Great course, great Instructor and great experience" 

  • "This was a great course given by a hands-on, great instructor.  I will recommend this course to all LEO's." 

  • " Videos made it visual learning as well as the PowerPoint and real life experience." 

  • "Great course as always.  The videos and practical application segment in the gymnasium was the difference maker." 

  • "Discussion on kinetics, altered gait as well as the hands on practical application segments were vital." 


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Who We Are

Warning Order, LLC  a continuing professional education company based out of NJ. We cater to law enforcement, military, academic institutions, medical facilities. 

Warning Order, LLC will uphold a strict code of training professionalism.  We have gained our credibility, one student and one class at a time.  We will  work tirelessly to maintain it! 

In a time of crisis, you will not rise to the occasion, you will fall back on your training." -Socrates


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