Armed Suspect Training

Officer Safety Courses

Officer safety is a science. It is more than just take downs, gaining control and placing into custody. It is about knowing “what to do” and “when to do it.” Allow us to clearly and concisely instruct this science to you and your staff. Trust our professional and award-winning experience to place officer safety in correlation to legal responsibilities and the Use Of Force Policy that governs our performance. Our certified staff have instructed over 100,000 Police, SWAT, Military and Private Security on an array of officer safety subjects. Armed Gunmen that threaten the safety of our schools, military bases and communities insist that those who are tasked with the responsibility of keeping our Nation safe have the proper training to complete this complex task. Allow Warning Order to lead the way with this powerful and informative Officer Safety course.

Traits of an Armed Suspect

This course is as good as it gets in relation to Identifying the traits of an armed suspect. Learn the details from subject matter experts who have seized countless illegal Firearms off the streets of America. If you are serious about your safety and the safety of your staff you will not dare to miss this course. This course is etched in physiology, bio-mechanics, human tendencies and acute attention to detail. The learning objectives are brought forward with Instructor qualifications and experience that is derived from real world, real time police incidents.

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