Officer Safety Courses

Officer safety is a science. It is more than just take downs, gaining control and placing into custody. It is about knowing “what to do” and “when to do it.” Allow us to clearly and concisely instruct this science to you and your staff. Trust our professional and award-winning experience to place officer safety in correlation to legal responsibilities and the Use Of Force Policy that governs our performance. Our certified staff have instructed over 100,000 Police, SWAT, Military and Private Security on an array of officer safety subjects. This threat awareness course is designed to place a high level of intellect and critical thinking into the science of officer safety. At Warning Order, LLC we possess both the real world experience and the know how to enlighten our students.

Our Active Shooter Training Course is designed by utilizing calculated and controlled training scenarios. Each scenario is designed to illustrate that during duress, muscle memory influences our nervous system and we become a product of our training. After each scenario our Instructors step in and conduct a vital AAR (after action report) to identify discrepancies and positive performance.

Body Language

In the profession of Law Enforcement communication is constant. As humans we are constantly displaying our intent through our nonverbal communication, which can comprise 70% of all communication. This class trains law enforcement, military personnel and professional security to identify signs of an impending attack. We also focus on the importance of verbal commands, safe intervals, immediate action and de-escalation methods. We utilize methods such as observe, orient, decide and act(OODA loop)to compliment this course.

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