Officer Safety Courses

Officer safety is a science. It is more than just take downs, gaining control and placing into custody. It is about knowing “what to do” and “when to do it.” Allow us to clearly and concisely instruct this science to you and your staff. Trust our professional and award-winning experience to place officer safety in correlation to legal responsibilities and the Use Of Force Policy that governs our performance. Our certified staff have instructed over 100,000 Police, SWAT, Military and Private Security on an array of officer safety subjects as well as the fine art of handcuffing.


We teach six different handcuffing techniques for compliant, passively resistant and combative subjects. This one day course is designed to establish a strong foundation. Stances, foot movements and proper handcuffing grips are the essence of this course. After instructing how to handcuff, we then teach how to systematically search standing and prone subjects and how to un-cuff them systematically. This course will also consist of learning various escorting techniques. At the completion of this course, students will be guaranteed to cuff a subject in under three seconds.
Our Active Shooter Training Course is designed by utilizing calculated and controlled training scenarios. Each scenario is designed to illustrate that during duress, muscle memory influences our nervous system and we become a product of our training. After each scenario our Instructors step in and conduct a vital AAR (after action report) to identify discrepancies and positive performance.

Handcuffing Techniques

Time- 0800-1500 hrs.
Location- We will train at your site
Instructor: Jay Martinez, Allen Griffin
Registrant must not have any medical restrictions

This course will reinforce six handcuffing techniques.  Countermeasures to resistance, relative positioning, patterns of movement and control methods will be included in this course. The course will also consist of standing and prone searches as well as three types of escorts and the proper un-cuffing sequence. At the completion of this course all students will receive a certificate of training. The six types of handcuffing techniques are as follows:


1. LAPD- over the top


2. FBI- behind the back


3. Speed cuffing with no starting position or verbal commands


4. Prone Felony


5. Resistant subject with one knee on shoulder


6. Resistant subject in a arm bar technique

Mandatory Equipment: Duty belt with handcuffs, cuff key, flashlight and duty gloves. NO weapons- NO ammo. Red guns are necessary but not mandatory.
Attire: BDU’s and sneakers
Cost: $30. per Officer, over 35 Officers, a flat fee of $1,200.
Our Guarantee will be: Upon the completion of this course, all personnel will be able to handcuff in under three seconds!All students must provide official ID upon reporting for training.

All students must provide official ID upon reporting for training.

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