Officer Safety Courses

According to FBI statistics, approximately 10,000 Police Officers are assaulted and nearly 400 are killed in the line of duty annually. Several years ago as I was reading excerpts from the book In the Line of Duty, written by the FBI behavioral science unit, October-1997 edition. The book is based upon all interrelated aspects of the officer, the offender and the situation which brought them together which were then synthesized and analyzed. After reading this paragraph I was floored, training was cited by Officers as critical to the actions they took to protect themselves. Many victims credited repeated training as effectively equipping them to deal with the situations. Others, however, cited inadequate or improper training that actually made them unsure of the proper action. Some recounted that through training they were certain what “not to do” but were uncertain what “to do.”

Officer safety is a science. It is more than just take downs, gaining control and placing into custody. It is about knowing “what to do” and “when to do it.” Allow us to clearly and concisely instruct this science to you and your staff. Trust our professional and award-winning experience to place officer safety in correlation to legal responsibilities and the Use Of Force Policy that governs our performance. Our certified staff have instructed over 100,000 Police, SWAT, Military and Private Security on an array of officer safety subjects.


We teach six different handcuffing techniques for compliant, passively resistant and combative subjects. This one day course is designed to establish a strong foundation. Stances, foot movements and proper handcuffing grips are the essence of this course. After instructing how to handcuff, we then teach how to systematically search standing and prone subjects and how to un-cuff them systematically. At the completion of this course, students will be guaranteed to cuff a subject in under three seconds.

Traits of an Armed Suspect

This course is as good as it gets in relation to Identifying the traits of an armed suspect. Learn the details from subject matter experts who have seized countless illegal firearms off the streets of America. If you are serious about your safety and the safety of your staff, you will not dare to miss this course.

Pre-- indicators of Violence and Body Language course

In the profession of Law Enforcement communication is constant. As humans we are constantly displaying our intent through our nonverbal communication, which can comprise 70% of all communication. This class trains law enforcement, military personnel and professional security to identify signs of an impending attack. We also focus on the importance of verbal commands, safe intervals, immediate action and de-escalation methods. We utilize methods such as observe, orient, decide and act(OODA loop)to compliment this course.

Physical Restraint Systems

These calculated Physical Restraint System Courses are for true professionals. They are designed from the ground up. First our qualified staff instruct the refined details of ‘who and why’. Then the ‘how’ is put into play with practical application classes focusing on multiple restraints and escorts. This course is tailor made for school, hospital and military security units who have to operate within delicate Use of Force Policies. Allow our certified and experienced staff to train your faculty, staff and cadre.

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